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Translation Services for Businesses


 1992 Translation Services provides quality translation, interpreting and language services to global companies and SMEs in the following areas:


Translation of Websites and Marketing Material


Professional translations for all those documents where a business needs to portray a professional image:

  • Websites, product listings on retail websites and other online presence
  • Marketing documentation such as brochures, leaflets, product inserts or packaging material
  • Instructions for customers and users: user guides, handbooks, product instructions, etc.
  • Communications directed to customers and employees: newsletters, employee magazines, etc.


Translation of Business Documents and Corporate Communications


Translation of commercial documentation and business documents where accuracy is the key for effective communication:

  • Business documents, exports and import documents, contracts, service agreements and general business correspondence.
  • Communications of corporate strategy and leadership training: presentations and training material on project management, teamwork, behavioural sciences, employee engagement, change management, employee questionnaires or other feedback mechanisms.
  • Employee manuals, policies and procedures, training materials and presentations for all business functions including Human Resources, Quality Assurance, Supply Chain, Research & Development, Health & Safety, IT, Administration, Sales, Marketing and Operations.


Business Interpreting


Face to face and telephone interpreting:

  • Interpreting of business meetings and corporate events in Plymouth and surrounding areas (Devon and Cornwall)
  • Telephone interpreting of conference calls


Project Management of Large Projects and Translations into other Languages


  • Large translation projects and translations into other languages carried out by a team of trusted colleagues, specialists in these areas and professional translators of the language combinations you require.
  • Other linguistic services tailored to your requirements.
  • Help whenever you need foreign language services. For instance, making telephone calls on your behalf or providing assistance during the recruitment of potential employees for positions where a foreign language is a requirement.
  • Other services provided include glossary creation and management, transcription of oral files or videos, proofreading or reviewing existing translations.


 Value added service: Proofreading the source text and the final product


  • A key part of the translation process is reading and analysing the original text in detail. This increases the chances of finding errors, typos, inconsistencies or ambiguities in the original text. The original document gets a free additional proofreading as part of the translation quality process.
  • There are times when the translated document is not the final version but instead, needs to be copied and pasted into the final product, For example, for translations of websites or other documents that need DTP like leaflets or brochures. The final version of the website or brochure will be proofread to ensure that headings, text, numbers and pictures have been copied in the correct place. You will also be made aware of any other technical errors found with the website, for instance, missing hyperlinks.


Industries served


Over 20 years’ experience working with businesses from a wide range of industries and sectors including:

  • Accounting

  • Agriculture

  • Architecture

  • Art

  • Auditing

  • Aviation

  • Banking


  • Computing

  • Consumer & Retail Products

  • Crafts

  • Education

  • Engineering

  • Financial

  • Food & Drink

  • Gaming & Betting

  • Glass Manufacturing

  • Horticulture

  • High Technology

  • Insurance

  • Management

  • Manufacturing

  • Medical

  • Mining

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Railway

  • Renewable Energies

  • Safety equipment

  • Social Services

  • Solicitors & Legal

  • Telecommunications

  • Tobacco & Alcohol

  • Travel & Tourism